Showcase Your Art and Help Charities in the #TeamPK GiveBack Campaign

How would you like to make a difference with your art?
Because we鈥檇 like to make history鈥nd we need your help to do this.

Introducing The #TeamPK GiveBack Campaign!

So What鈥檚 the #TeamPK GiveBack Campaign all about?

Well, it鈥檚 your chance to have your work featured in a calendar we’re printing to raise money for one of these great charities:

> The Winnebago Workshop
> The Monster Project
> Pangea – Words on The Walls
> Love of Coloring

How Does The #TeamPK GiveBack Campaign Work?

1. You get to choose your favorite charity
We’ll invite you to choose your favorite charity from the four listed above. And all the proceeds from the sales of our calendars will go to them!

2. You get to submit your art for the calendar
The #TeamPK GiveBack Campaign Calendar will feature art made exclusively by Pencil Kings members. You can submit a new piece or an old one – whatever you like!

3. You vote for the 11 artworks to be featured in the calendar.
We鈥檒l be inviting everyone to submit their art and ‘like’ their favorite pieces on our Community Page.
The 11 most ‘liked’ images will then be printed on a wall calendar which we’ll be selling to raise money for your favorite charity – simple!

So, are you in?

Just click the button below and pop your name and email address into the form to say yes. We鈥檒l be in touch shortly afterwards with full details of how you can take part.Make History Today!

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