PK 046: How 3D Artist Mohammad Hossein Attaran Defied Boundaries to Stay Creative

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Iranian 3D artist Mohammad Hossein Attaran owes his success to passion, hard work, and the online community

鈥淲ith a painting, you have just one frame to tell people your message, so you have to do it!鈥滭/em>

Living in Iran, Mohammad Hossein Attaran had all the odds stacked against him to become an artist. Yet he鈥檚 overcome all kinds of political and personal struggles to become one of the hottest 3D artists working today – and all at the tender age of 26.

Find out how he did it in this new podcast鈥?/em>

Firstly, art was always in Mohammad鈥檚 blood. He says: 鈥淚 started painting when I was just three years鈥 old. In fact, my mother started collecting them! Robots and machines were my favorite things, so that鈥檚 what I used to paint.鈥滭/p>

And this interest in all things mechanical has never left him. Despite experimenting with cartoons and caricatures in his teens, Mohammad Hossein Attaran always聽knew that painting robots was his true passion.

But it took a famous movie about robots to convince him to turn his passion into an art career鈥?

From Transformers to ZBrush

鈥淎fter watching Transformers, I just felt so inspired by 3D art鈥 he explains, 鈥渟o I decided to take classes in 3DS Max and teach myself ZBrush.鈥滭/p>

He learned quickly. So quickly, in fact, that a friend thought he was a professional and decided to commission him.

That鈥檚 when Mohammad realized he had to pull out all the stops to boost his skills in ZBrush almost overnight. He says: 鈥淚t was good, because it forced me to learn in a very short time and deliver the outstanding piece they wanted.鈥滭/p>

Since then, he鈥檚 gone on to freelance regularly for Blur Studio, and has worked on numerous designs for big Chinese companies such as Sapphire Technologies.

So how did he learn so fast?

And what鈥檚 his advice for artists starting out?

鈥淟earning a new piece of software is just like learning to use any other tool,鈥 he explains. 鈥淭he main thing you really need to have is an interest in what you鈥檙e painting.鈥滭/p>

鈥淭here are no certain rules in art, so look at as many different artists as you can and see how they work.鈥滭/p>

But how about the incredible compositions and sense of narrative he creates in his work?

鈥淎 portrait should always have something to say and it should always tell a story鈥 he says.

鈥淲ith a painting, you have just one frame to tell people your message, so you have to do it!鈥滭/p>

And lastly, how does an artist from Iran get their work out there?

After all, getting your work seen is hard for any artist. But how about if you come from Iran, where political relations between this country and the USA, for example, can make this sometimes seem almost impossible?

鈥淭here are always ways to get around these problems,鈥 says Mohammad Hossein Attaran. 鈥淭he internet connects us all – it鈥檚 not about borders, countries, and politics.”

Mohammad Hossein Attaran on Staying Creative

鈥淵ou can always learn and be creative wherever you live, so make the most of it! The internet enables you to to learn many things for free, and you can visit sites with huge galleries of work from great artists. So, be online, and be creative!鈥滭/p>

Listen to this week鈥檚 show and learn:

  • How to聽become successful – wherever you live
  • Why聽it’s so important to tell a story with your art
  • Why getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing
  • How the聽internet has made it possible for artists all over the world to learn new skills and develop their creativity

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    Great Artist… Big Like. NIce ! Nice !

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      Chris at PencilKings

      Hey Saeed, thanks so much for your feedback! You’re right – Mohammad is a great artist with awesome advice for everyone 馃檪


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