PK 163: Can ANYONE Learn How to Draw? Interview With Jason Brubaker from Coffee Table Comics

Can anyone learn how to draw?

Jason Brubaker, this week鈥檚 podcast guest, certainly thinks so. And he should know. After starting out as a completely self-taught artist, he ended up working in Hollywood for 20 years, spending his last 7 years at Dreamworks working on the Kung Fu Panda trilogy.

These days, he makes comics full-time at Coffee Table Comics, having produced titles such as the award-winning reMIND, Phobos, and Sithrah.

He also finds time to help other artists, offering a wide range of resources on his website.

And now, he鈥檚 included the exact same techniques he used to learn how to draw anatomy in one handy resource for artists – The Cognitive Drawing workbook.

So, we caught up with him to find out more about this exciting project…and why he genuinely believes anyone can learn how to draw if they use the right learning techniques…

Why Jason Believes Anyone Can Learn how to Draw


鈥淈/span>I wanna do stuff because I want a finished product at the end, or I want a piece of animation, or I want a comic book at the end of it. And I鈥檓 learning everything so I can do that finished product – I鈥檓 not learning everything just so I can learn everything.鈥 ~ Jason Brubaker.

Key Takeaways From This Interview:

  • Why working on personal projects can help you learn new skills and open doors for your creative career
  • Why even experienced artists are still learning
  • How Jason got started in the industry, and how he developed his technique of cognitive drawing to help him draw anatomy and pretty much everything else
  • How to focus on learning the stuff you really enjoy doing
  • How to develop your own style, and why this is always influenced in part by the artists you admire
  • How to learn a new skill quickly…without burning yourself out
  • How to retain more information about the things you鈥檙e trying to draw
  • Why the Cognitive Drawing worksheet is so effective for individuals and study groups
  • How to really learn something new from using reference pics
  • Where to get the Cognitive Drawing worksheet and find out more about Coffee Table Comics and Jason鈥檚 other projects.

Watch the preview for the Cognitive Drawing worksheet below:

We hope this week’s聽interview with Jason Brubaker inspires you to learn how to draw.

We’d love to hear your feedback on his Cognitive Drawing worksheet, so let us know in the comments box below!

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