PK 006: Lazaro Ruiz Interview on Designing Your Own Toys

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Space Guy by Lazaro Ruiz

“Like most things worth doing, making art involves a lot of hard work and planning.”

Today Lazaro Ruiz gives us the behind the scenes view of what it鈥檚 like to create toys for a living. Like most things worth doing it involves a lot of hard work and planning, however there is also the reward of producing a physical product that you can touch and interact with.

You鈥檒l also learn how competitive the toy market is and why you might not just want to dive into it and get to work drawing and creating.

Then Lazaro will tell us how one of his teachers in high school was secretly sending off his work without him knowing about it, which was the beginning of Lazaro鈥檚 career as an artist.


Learning to Sculpt Minis with Lazaro Ruiz

Listen to this week鈥檚 show and learn:

  • Which sketches you need to have a toy created
  • The steps to take to create your own toy
  • How Lazaro approaches his day and sets himself up for creative success
  • Why being the hardest working artist is so important

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Mentioned in the episode:

Lazaro鈥檚 Website
Lazaro on Deviant Art
Digital Calipers on Amazon

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