PK 124: How to Publish Your First Children’s Book – With Illustrator, Oliver Kriel

Ever wondered how to publish a children’s book? Find out how illustrator, Oliver Kriel, got his big idea off the ground and onto Amazon in just three months in this week’s podcast

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鈥淚t’s torture being a perfectionist – it’s actually like a condition!鈥滭br />

~聽Oliver Kriel

Wondering how to publish your first children’s book?

While this may be a dream for many artists, actually getting your ideas out of your head, onto paper, and into production can be a challenge.

But that鈥檚 exactly what illustrator and graphic designer, Oliver Kriel, did. All in just three months.

So, if you鈥檝e got a passion project that you鈥檝e just never found time to work on, check out this week鈥檚 inspiring podcast interview. Because it might just give you the motivation and confidence you need to make that leap of faith and get it done!

How to Publish Your First Children’s Book – Oliver Kriel鈥檚 Story

As a graphic designer working in Cape Town, South Africa, Oliver Kriel had always dreamed of publishing a children鈥檚 book. However, until recently, having that dream was as far as it went.

But then he heard the Pencil Kings podcast with Chandler Bolt and his mind was made up.

And, despite having never published a book before or having any training in art or illustration, this was something he knew he simply had to do.

So, from that day on, he started working on his passion project, enlisting the help of his wife, a primary school teacher, to help him bring his idea to life.

Along the way, there were all kinds of hurdles and potential roadblocks to face. What should the characters in his book look like? Which style of illustration should he use to achieve the look he wanted for his book?

And…how was he going to fit all this in around working full-time and having two young children to look after?

Yet, despite all these obstacles, Oliver鈥檚 book got published in just three months.

How did he do it? Just listen to this week鈥檚 podcast to find out.

You鈥檒l learn:

  • How to develop the concept of your story
  • How to find the right style for your illustrations
  • How to turn procrastination into action
  • Why perfectionism could be holding you back
how to publish a children's book
Oliver Kriel with his family. Publishing his first children’s book was a real team effort.

We hope Oliver’s story gives you some great insights on how to publish your first children’s book or get any of your other personal projects off the ground and into action.

Have you got any good tips for starting and finishing a project?聽We’d love to hear your suggestions聽in the comments below 馃檪

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