PK 164: Dragons, Myths and Illustration – How Collette J Ellis Turned Her Passion Into a Career

Dragons, myths and illustration are just some of the things that inspire today鈥檚 guest, Collette J Ellis. And, in this inspiring interview, you鈥檒l hear how she turned her passion for making art inspired by legends from her native Wales into a full-time career as a freelance illustrator.

You鈥檒l hear how art gradually became a bigger and bigger part of her life, how she developed her own unique style, and how a series of successful Kickstarter campaigns inspired her to leave her part-time job and carve out a new full-time creative career.

So, if you鈥檝e got a passion for drawing something (but you鈥檙e wondering how to take the next steps as an artist), you鈥檒l find plenty of great advice in this interview to help you move forwards. 聽

Dragons, Myths and Illustration – Collette’s Journey as an Artist


鈥淚llustration was something I knew I always wanted to do – it was just finding a way to do it full-time. And, as soon as I started drawing what I wanted to draw and what I was interested in, that鈥檚 when it started to change.鈥 ~ Collette J Ellis.

Key Takeaways From This Interview:

  • Why your best art comes from drawing and painting the things you鈥檙e truly passionate about.
  • How to make the art you really want to make – not the art you think others would like to see
  • How to launch a successful Kickstarter or Patreon campaign
  • How to say no to low-paid art commissions and working for free
  • Why exploring ideas in your sketchbook is so important
  • How to approach organizations for funding opportunities
  • Why your local audience can often be your best one
  • Why dragons, myths and illustration are loved by audiences all over the world
  • How to approach galleries and publishers
  • Why pursuing your passion can take you to all kinds of new and exciting places!

Watch Collette being interviewed on TV for Welsh Language Arts Series, Channel S4C below:

We hope this week’s聽interview with Collette J Ellis has inspired you to follow your true passion of becoming an artist.

What subjects are you really passionate about drawing or painting? Let us know in the comments box below!

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