PK 168: Can Making Art Change Your Life? Interview with Tamara Laporte From Willowing Arts.

Can making art change your life?

Today鈥檚 guest, mixed media artist, Tamara Laporte, certainly thinks so. Like so many creative types, she struggled for years with self-doubt and hating every painting she produced.

But then, one day, she made a pact with herself to give up making art if it continued to make her feel this way鈥?/p>

And that鈥檚 when something happened which inspired her to carry on and use what she鈥檇 learned to help others.

That鈥檚 when she learned to let go of the preciousness and quest for perfection that stops so many artists in their tracks.

And, in today鈥檚 interview, she relives this defining moment in her own life and shares lots of great advice to help you overcome any hurdles you might be facing.

So, if you鈥檝e ever wondered if making art can change your life, you鈥檒l find the answer in today鈥檚 inspiring podcast interview.

Can Making Art Change Your Life? Tamara Laporte’s Story


鈥淭hat鈥檚 a key thing – to be willing to make art that you don鈥檛 like and be almost neutral about it, be objective about it, rather than making it mean anything.鈥 ~ Tamara Laporte.

Key Takeaways From This Interview:

  • How Tamara overcame her struggles with self-doubt and many of the other familiar roadblocks faced by artists
  • How she discovered the art journaling community and developed her own system of helping other artists based on her own experiences
  • How to actually feel good about the art you make…and how to keep making it
  • How her online course at Willowing Arts has helped thousands of artists make real progress and break through many of the issues which were holding them back
  • How to let go of self-doubt and insecurities and enjoy your creativity instead
  • How to find out more about Willowing Arts and how Tamara鈥檚 program can help you

We hope this week’s聽interview with Tamara Laporte helps answer the question: can making art change your life?

Have you ever struggled with some of the issues she faced? Or, perhaps you’ve started an art journal of your own? We’d love to hear from you, so feel free to leave us a comment!

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