PK 045: Brandon Martynowicz on Art & Determination

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CG artist Brandon Martynowicz believes anyone with the right聽drive
and determination聽
can have a聽successful creative career

鈥淎s long as you’ve got the drive and passion to create the best work you can, the rewards should come!鈥滭/em>

CG Artist Brandon Martynowicz had an incredible start to his career when he landed a job at LucasArts before he鈥檇 even graduated. But there鈥檚 no big secret to his success – just hard work, passion and a real determination to make the best art he can.

Since then, he鈥檚 gone on to work at Image Movers Digital and Blizzard Entertainment, before moving on to become senior environment artist at Treyarch. During this time, he鈥檚 even managed to fit in some聽teaching聽at Otis College of Art & Design in LA!

However, no matter where works takes him, his commitment to art remains the same. In fact, he says: 鈥淚 could never be in a position where I didn鈥檛 have time to make art!鈥滭/p>

So how did he get started? And just how did he land that first dream role at LucasArts?

鈥淚 never thought I was particularly bad-ass at school or anything,鈥 he explains. 鈥淚 just think that there weren鈥檛 that many other artists doing what I was doing – environmental art – at the time.鈥滭/p>

Brandon Martynowicz on聽Passion and Drive

Brandon Martynowicz says he knew early on that he wanted to be an environment artist. With this focus in mind, he soaked up as much knowledge as he could, and had a passion and drive to learn as much as possible.

He also had a friend in the year above him at school who鈥檇 gone to work at LucasArts as a junior concept artist. And, when they were looking for artists, Brandon鈥檚 friend was happy to put his name forward.

Did he ever have any doubts about his ability?

鈥淣ope,鈥 he says. 鈥淚 had nothing but drive and confidence. In fact, I was so much into my work, I didn鈥檛 even have time to think about doubting myself or getting distracted.

“I remember seeing a kid in class looking at MySpace instead of concentrating on the lesson. I just thought to myself: 鈥 What a huge waste of time!鈥橖/p>

“I鈥檝e always believed that as long as you鈥檙e staying focused and doing the best you can do, then the rewards will come.鈥滭/p>

So what does he look for in the work of other artists?

鈥淚 always look for quality rather than quantity,鈥 he explains. 鈥淚 look for technical skills, good textures, and anything that鈥檚 been created with love, rather than just relying on preset effects etc.鈥滭/p>

These days, he leads a small team of artists, and says he wouldn鈥檛 change a thing. Although some of his time is taken up with meetings, he gets to do what he loves the majority of the time.

鈥淚鈥檓 always happiest when I can lead as well as contribute,鈥 he explains, 鈥渁nd I鈥檓 more than happy to continue in the path I鈥檓 at right now.鈥滭/p>

Listen to this week鈥檚 podcast聽and learn:

  • Why determination is so important for a successful art career
  • How making connections can help you land your dream role
  • Why聽quality is more important than quantity in your portfolio
  • Why聽passion, drive, and focus聽will always win out

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