PK 102: Artistacon – a New Creative Convention You Won’t Want to Miss

Artistacon is a new convention where aspiring artists can get personal advice from industry professionals

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“If you want this career and you want this dream, you鈥檝e gotta go after it! You鈥檝e got to reach for the stars and catch a few on the way down.

~聽Chris Kotsakis

Artistacon is a new kind of creative convention.

It鈥檚 one where aspiring artists can get one-to-one advice on breaking into the creative industry from seasoned professionals, have their portfolios reviewed, learn new techniques and a whole lot more.

So who are the organizers behind this unique event, and what inspired them to do it?

In this week鈥檚 podcast, we hear why Chris Kotsakis and Enrico Botta decided to host Artistacon, and why attending this event could be the first step towards a successful creative career.

All About Artistacon


Artistacon will be coming to the Lyceum Hall in Burlington, New Jersey, on September 17th and 18th 2016.

There will be workshops, educational symposiums, portfolio reviews, demonstrations, and displays from a wide range of featured artists, illustrators, sculptors, and writers.

And, for organizers, Chris Kotsakis and Enrico Botta, it鈥檚 a chance for aspiring artists to get a foot in the door of the creative industry and learn some tricks of the trade from professional artists.

鈥淎rtistacon is a celebration of the creative process where we鈥檙e looking to focus on mentorship for a new generation of creators鈥 says Chris.

鈥淲e鈥檒l have an artists鈥 alley like at other conventions, but the emphasis is on one-to-one support through portfolio reviews and symposiums.鈥滭/p>

鈥淚t鈥檒l be like going to see your favorite band but getting a backstage pass,鈥 adds Enrico. 鈥淵ou鈥檒l be able to see how your favorite artists work and engage with them on a more intimate level.鈥滭/p>


Who are the Artists at Artistacon?


You’ll be able to meet all kinds of artists at Artistacon in September. Here are just a few of them:

  • Mark Poulton – a comic book writer and children’s author who has worked with DC Comics and Arcana Studio
  • Chris Ivy – a Marvel artist who started his career working with John Romita
  • David Palumbo – a freelance illustrator who鈥檚 produced work for Blizzard, Marvel, and Lucasfilm
  • Carl Potts – former executive editor at Marvel
  • Mark Morales – professional inker for Marvel and DC
  • Bob McLeod – co-creator and illustrator of Marvel鈥檚 The New Mutants
  • Renee Foulks – professional fine artist who has exhibited across the USA
  • Mike Gustovich – creator of The Justice Machine and Marvel/DC artist
  • Mike Capprotti – an acclaimed comic book artist who has produced Deadpool covers and many collectable card cames

So what will you get from going to Artistacon?

You鈥檒l be in the company of working artists and creatives and engaging with them in a way that鈥檚 not always possible at bigger conventions.

And this, in turn, can lead to new opportunities for you as an artist, because it means you鈥檒l be putting yourself out there and rubbing shoulders with some of the most respected names in the creative industry.

As Enrico says: 鈥淵ou make your own luck in this industry, because it鈥檚 you who creates those situations.鈥滭/p>

So, if you want to create some luck of your own and kickstart your art career, why not go along to Artistacon in September?

Because you just never know where it might lead…

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