PK 194: The Journey to Building a Large Body of Artwork

Arthur Haywood is working to creating art that inspires people to learn and want to read about the stories behind what the viewer sees. He is a classically trained painter and has created an incredible body of work for his book, The Great Library.

In this interview, we talk about Arthur’s journey and how he learned from several different schools to develop the skillset he now has.


1:30 – How Arthur and Mitch met at Artistacon when Arthur was showing his book of work

2:55 – Arthur describing his book covering scholars from the ancient library of Alexandria and what inspired him to undertake such an ambitious project

7:00 – How video games can allow us to get a glimpse into the past and experience locations like the Great Library of Alexandria

8:52 – Arthur discusses the time it takes to create his paintings which are done in the classical style

11:00 – Discussing the time it takes to create great work and the mental shift that has to happen to fully understand the art-making process

25:00 – The difference between “Owning” knowledge vs only having theory

29:50 – What’s next for Arthur


Links mentioned in this Episode:

Grand Central Atelier:
Maryland Institute College of Art:
Caimbridge Street Studios:


Check out more of Arthur鈥檚 Work at:


Arthur’s Book, The Great Library:

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2 Responses to “PK 194: The Journey to Building a Large Body of Artwork”

  1. Zaki

    Hi, Mitch! I’m interested in joining the Figure Drawing Challenge. Considering my tight daily work schedule, is 15 minutes daily possible for me to learn?

    • mm


      Hi Zaki! Yes you can make progress in 15 minutes a day with The Figure Drawing Challenge as it was designed to give you the information you need and the specific exercises to practice to go along with it so it’s been optimized for learning quickly – the thing to keep in mind is that art is a physical skill, so the more time you are able to put into it the faster your results will come 馃檪


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