10 Years of Helping Artists Online

pdate: Winners are posted here!

This year is a big anniversary… ten years ago in 2006 I started my first website to post tutorials and step by step guides to help artists.

That was back before anyone had heard of YouTube or Facebook and the phone I had used numbers to text instead of the handy keyboards we have today.

So to celebrate this I thought why not do something special and let the members inside the Pencil Kings community let you know what their experiences are.

Here are 7 videos that were entered into our recent PK Video Contest…

I would love it if you could help me out… see my note at the bottom about helping us pick out the winners among these 7 videos!1. Leena Cruz:聽It all started with learning shading…2. Jose A De Leon:聽Never stop learning – no matter what your age3. Liz Gera:聽No more comic sans 馃檪4. Lily Ann Montemayor:聽The start of a promising creative career5. Amanda Rosko:聽Loving the podcast!6. Mautje Hous:聽An open love letter7. Timothy Meadows:聽Building the daily drawing habitNow, I would love if you could help us out… these 7 videos the entries in the PK Video Contest. We’re going to have three winners, and the Grand Prize Winner. The overall Grand Prize Winner will get聽a聽1-on-1 consultation with me to help them rocket towards their art goals聽(plus other prizes).

I would love if you could help us narrow it down to the top videos – please leave a comment below and let us know which were your three favorite videos… 馃檪

109 Responses to “10 Years of Helping Artists Online”

  1. james c

    First, all the videos were inspiring! But the ask was to pick 3. Here goes:

    1. Timothy Meadows. The reason I picked Tim was because he brought up a crucial point about “head full of knowledge” but not having a practice habit. Him being in the graphic design field and still finding benefit puts PK in great light. Tim also was inspiring in that he continues using what he learned.

    2. Leena Cruz. Leena was precise in how PK helped her over the hump of where she was struggling as an illustrator. I loved how she directed the video with the sketches telling the story and then ending with her more recent art… to see the progress really shows the benefit of the challenges.

    3. Amanda Rosko. Mandy presents very well and showed that you can cross disciplines (writing and illustrating). She is driven and really created some nice work. It was great to hear her struggle with doubt and lack of knowing. She is a call to all those people out there who are afraid to move forward. I love that she sees the value of the podcast and is still moving forward with possibly creating her art for sale.

    • mm

      Mitch at PencilKings

      Awesome – thanks for writing in James!

    • Leena

      Thank you James, I’m glad you like the video 馃榾

    • Timothy Meadows

      Thank you for the vote James. I’m glad that my own journey with figuring out a regular practice resonated with you.

    • Juan

      My favourite videos are
      1. Mautje Hous
      2. Timothy Meadows

  2. Totopo Elperro

    My favorite video was Leena Cruz: It all started with learning shading鈥 I Iove the edition and the voice of the artists, as it recounted how is nice, but more important is what it says, the artist is very consistent with his views , I like and convinces me to continue in this community, It is the only video I like

    • mm

      Mitch at PencilKings

      Thanks for your vote Toto! I appreciate it.

    • Leena

      Thank you very much Totopo, I’m very happy you like my video <3

  3. Warren T

    I enjoyed my time watching through the list of videos. But if I had to pick just 3 (in no particular order):

    1. Leena Cruz
    2. Mautje Hous
    3. Timothy Meadows

  4. Pomponio O.

    All videos are interesting,the three videos that I like are
    1. Leena Cruz. –she tells pleasantly and easily your vision of your love for drawing and illustration conveys a positive attitude and above all fun, it is very interesting to see their work. has a very beautiful technique and it shows in his video , I love everything shows and would like to know more about his work.

    2.Amanda Rosko — your video is interesting is full of good data but what I like is that it is very straightforward and simple , his experience is motivating for me

    3 Lily Ann Montemayor — not hear very well what she says . but what it is interesting also narrates , is keen to continue creating interesting works, and that’s very motivating also

    • mm

      Mitch at PencilKings

      Thank you Pomponio! I like how you took the time to write out what you liked about each one.

  5. [email protected]

    Well I really wanted to vote for them all, but seeing as I have to narrow it down here are my three ….
    1.Jose A de Leon. He is nearly my age and I think he draws amazingly. He showed courage to make the video and put it up. ( I didn’t as I wasn’t sure about how to do it.) So good on him for having a go.
    2.Maureen Hous. I liked her love letter and she put into words a lot of things I would say to PencilKings.
    3. Timothy Meadows. He has worked so hard to get to the place where he can be an illustrator. I applaud him and hope it happens for him.
    Thanks for giving people this chance PencilKings. You set me on the drawing adventure I am on as well..
    Thank you. Mem McLean

    • mm

      Mitch at PencilKings

      Thanks for your vote Mem. I totally agree – big high fives to Jose for putting this video together and starting to show more people his work! Love it Jose!

    • Jose A

      Thanks for the vote memol1. I did my best there hahaha. Really enjoy being here.


  6. Athena D

    All of these had a great story but the ones that I felt related to me the most were:

    Timothy Meadows
    Amanda Rosko
    Leena Cruz

  7. Rachel

    I would definitely have 1. Leena or 6. Mautje as first or second place. Videos that sum up the helpfulness of Pencil Kings, but are also creative in their own right 馃檪
    Pencil Kings is wonderful. It’s great to see the diversity in the community that you’re helping 馃檪

    • Leena

      Thank you Rachel! I also love Mautje video, this contest is hard to choose!

  8. Timothy Meadows

    Hi Everyone,

    I appreciate all of the kind words so far. I enjoyed making the video, and I’ve enjoyed being a member of the Pencil Kings community over this past year. I’m not sure if I can put in my vote since I’m a part of the contest, but if I can I’ll put in my own two cents. I also hope it isn’t a faux pas to vote for myself, but I’m pretty keen to win this contest. The iPad and Nomad Sketchbook will be welcome tools, but the one on one coaching call with Mitch would be invaluable as I’m trying to figure out how to create an income from my art.

    So here are my votes:
    1) Timothy Meadows
    Though it isn’t the fanciest of the seven I stand by my video. I’m usually really camera shy, and it took me around 15 takes to talk loud enough to be understood. I just wanted to share how much I’ve grown from Pencil Kings.
    2) Jose A De Leon
    Seeing his video is the last thing that pushed me to put up my video. I was unsure if I would even have a chance, but seeing someone else put themselves out there gave me the last little bit of a push that i needed.
    3) Liz Gera
    Hers just made me laugh. I appreciate that she was able to rope her son into doing it too. Its a bit absurdist, but it made me smile.

    • mm

      Mitch at PencilKings

      Nice! You totally can vote for yourself and share this contest 馃檪

  9. Cheri H

    My top 3 are I like their stories.
    1. Leena
    2. Mautje
    3. Timothy

  10. Salma S

    Hey all,
    Great Job Everyone!!
    I vote:
    1. Leena Cruz
    2. Jose A De Leon
    3. Amanda Rosko

    • Leena

      Thank you, Salma!

    • mm

      Mitch at PencilKings

      Thank you Salma – you’re right on the money – everyone did a great job!




  12. cc

    I am not a member of pencil kings but it is so great to hear of such an awesome community where people learn and thrive and do what they love! Watching these videos is very inspiring and motivating. I think everyone who entered is very talented in their own way. Cheers to all the entries and being brave enough to show your work and send in a video! I admire everyone’s commitment to their artwork!

    My vote is for:
    1. Leena Cruz – i really liked how she created a lot of her own work into the video
    2. Amanda Rosko – I think she was the only one that mentioned the podcasts and the huge difference it made
    2.Timothy Meadows (tied) – He gave exact dates and examples of the courses that he really enjoyed and found useful- i cant believe he remembered!
    3.. Jose A De Leon – he seems like an overall honest and sincere man and its really encouraging to see people of all ages really taking advantage of pencil kings

    It blows my mind how talented these artists are – whether it be for fun/past time/hobby/work, etc.

    • Leena

      Thank you CC! I really want to share how I improved thanks to PK, I’m happy you like the video 馃榾

    • Jose A

      Thanks CC really appreciate the vote! Learning never stops!

  13. Anoushka Rassau

    Ok, these were all so inspirational! My top 3 were;
    1. Leena Cruz
    2. Amanda Rosco
    3. Timothy Meadows

    Something about each otf their stories resonated withme personally. All the best you guys !

    • Leena Cruz

      Thank you Anoushka! I’m happy my video resonated with you 馃榾

  14. Derek L

    I loved hearing the perspectives from these artists. My top 3:
    1. Mautje Haus
    2. Leena Cruz
    3. Timothy Meadows

  15. Dustin Q

    1. Timothy Meadows
    2. Leena Crus
    3. Jose A De Leon

    • Leena Cruz

      Thank you, Dustin 馃榾

    • Jose A

      Thank you so much Dustin! Drawing has been part of my life. Keeps me young hahaha. Nice to meet you all.

  16. Jennifer

    Leena Cruz deserve to win! 馃檪

    1.- Leena Cruz
    2.- Liz Gera
    3.- Lily Ann.

    Good luck!

  17. Ander

    I vote:
    1. Leena Cruz
    Amanda Rosko
    3. Jose A De Leon

  18. Rudsley

    Hi all,
    I liked all the videos but this is my top 3.
    1) Mautje Hous
    2) Leena Cruz
    3) Amanda Rosco

    Keep on drawing all of you.


  19. Manfi

    Mautje Haus 馃檪

  20. Jen

    A little caveat – I have a short attention span, it’s hard for me to watch someone just talking directly into a camera…

    1. Leena Cruz – tells us why she used PK, what she used and how she evolved; integrated her work into the video
    2. Mautje Hous – visually stimulating about her why and what she got out of it
    3. Amanda Rosko – similar experience to my own was appealing; a writer looking to expand drawing capabilities to illustrate some aspects of story, often not sure how to use the tools she bought, etc

  21. Sue

    I love the Video of Mautje Hous.
    Nice story ?

  22. Evanty

    1) Mautje Hous
    2) Amanda Rosc
    3) Leena Cruz

  23. Nan

    I really like Mautje House’ video. The video makes me feel happy, she is very clear on how pencilkings helped her to achieve to become a better drawer and how it build her confidence. Very open and spontaneous.

  24. Nat

    I would say
    1 Mautje
    2 Lily
    3 Liz

    Very oi inspiring entry, seems like you really made a big difference in a lot of people s life 馃榾

  25. Jo

    My top 3:
    1. Mautje Hous
    Really liked her video. Her story really kept my interest and makes me want to learn more about PK right now.
    2. Timothy Meadows
    3. Leena Cruz

  26. Lorraine Chipere

    Here are my picks!

    1) Mautje Hous
    2) Leena Cruz
    3) Timothy Meadows

    All the other videos were great too 馃檪

  27. Lee-Ann

    For me the grand winner is Mautje House! An inspiring video and so sincere and witty!

  28. Mili

    1. Mautje Hous
    2. Leena Cruz
    3.Lily Anne

  29. Rachid

    First choice Mautje hous.!!
    Second choice Mautje hous.!!
    Third choice Mautje hous.!!

    Mautje Hous for president.!!!

  30. Niesje

    1. I like Mautjes video. My opinion is that it ia very “easy” to just make a video of you speaking. Her video however showed creativity, i likes the pictures/drawings that were used to discribe the story she was telling.. Very pleasant/fun to hear/watch. And it was nice to hear a little bit of her lifestory and i really liked the improvement in drawing the eye.
    2. For the same reasing of not just speaking in the camara I like Leena’a video. I likes how she explains that she had the “aha” moments and how she got faster .
    3. I also like Timothy’s video. How he is talking about knowledge vs practice. And its funny that he entered a contest to win, but got hooked and in the end kept on drawing till today


    1. Leena Cruz
    2. Mautje Hous
    3. Timothy Meadows

  32. Jeff M

    1. Leena Cruz
    2. Timothy Meadows
    3. Lily Ann Montemayor

    But really, all these videos are great.

  33. Rub

    My favorite videos are:
    1. Mautje Hous
    2. Jose A De Leon
    3. Leena Cruz

    • Jose A

      Nice of you Rub to cast your vote for me. This is all new to me and it’s a wonderful experience. Winning or not being here is really wonderful!

  34. Van der Gucht Ann

    I love the letter of misses Hous

  35. Faatje

    All video’s were interesting to watch, but my top 3 are:
    1. Mautje Hous
    2. Timothy Meadows
    3. Leena Cruz

  36. Trays

    Mautje is best!!

  37. Nabil

    1. Mautje House
    2. Leena Cruz
    3. Timothy Meadows

    Mautje killed it ! Very orginal and very heartfelt!

  38. Lisz

    Inspiring! Love it!
    I vote for the following contestants:
    1) Mautje Hous
    2) Mautje Hous
    3) Mautje Hous

  39. Marysol HM

    My vote is for Leena Cruz <3

  40. Anne Lindelauff

    1 Mautje Haus
    2 Mautje Haus
    3 Mautje Haus

    I love her story best because it is not about her or the things she made. Just a short view of her progress. And a lovely and kind story.

  41. WolfYakuga

    Leena Cruz :3

  42. Timothy Meadows

    Hey Everyone, I really appreciate the votes from everybody. I just wanted to post the link to the thread in the forums where I’ve been posting my daily drawings.


    And I noticed there were some people voting who aren’t members. I’ve also been posting on Twitter and Deviantart as well, though they only go back about 2/3 s of the way. But it isn’t in the members area. Thank you again to everybody for the encouragement.

    Deviantart: http://xalkeus.deviantart.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Xalkeus

  43. scofito

    1 leena cruz

    your video is more entertaining, dynamic and not boring I like.

  44. Leah

    1. Timothy
    2. Jose
    3. Lily Ann

  45. Itzelixquic

    Leena Cruz is the best!

  46. Xama

    Por Leena cruz mi voto

  47. Dan JR Gi

    1.- Leena! Thanks 馃檪

  48. Rodolfo Robles

    Leena Cruz, she is so talented, and she can really make great drawings with this gift!!

  49. Carodv

    Leena Cruz

  50. Manor Lux

    I vote for Mautje. Really liked hers.

  51. Simon

    1) Mautje
    2) Leena

    No number 3 for me, these 2 stood out, especially mautje’s video is very creative, easy to follow and most of all inspiring to join pencilkings

  52. Marianne L

    All good entries, but my top three are:

    1. Mautje
    2. Leena
    3. Amanda

  53. Karin

    My vote goes to:

    1. Mautje Hous : absolutely loved her video, loved the way she expressed herself and so nice to hear what pencilkings means to hear

  54. Andres Hernandez

    I go for Leena Cruz… i really like his work, and the progress that she archived 馃槈

  55. Jesus

    Leena cruz. I like her art.

  56. Annamaria franciska edwards

    MAUTJE !! ??

  57. Jaysy

    I vote for Mautje Hous……. very inspiring journey !

  58. kim

    I vote for Mautje. Like it!!!

  59. Francis

    Mautje is the best

  60. Mautje H

    Hi everybody!! ?

    Thank you ALL who have been voting for us and for Me! At least to me It’s pretty nerve wrecking to put myself out there for the world to judge, let me tell you. 馃槈

    I really enjoyed making this video, I’ve never done that before . That’s one big thing I’m taking away from this.

    Here goes my vote :

    1) Jose : I started out late just like you. You inspire me to keep on going and keep on learning 馃檪
    2) Timothy: I really applaud you on your daily drawing habit. I myself am not quite there yet. You inspire me to keep on pushing to achieve this goal 馃槈
    3) Leena: l could clearly see your growth .. Inspiring!
    To all the other contestants you inspire me as well.. Great Stories !

    @liz: I really loved that pencil kings crown! I want one!

  61. Margot

    Leena Cruz, nice video 鈾モ櫏鈾?/p>

  62. Nolly

    1. Mautje Hous
    2. Mautje Hous
    3. Mautje Hous

  63. Peggy

    Mautje Hous, the best!!!

  64. Leena Cruz

    Hi! Whoa, this contest is really intense, I like all your videos, they are really encouraging 馃榾
    I’m very happy you appreciate my video, thank you for your votes! I wanted to talk about a lot of things I love about PK, but the video would be too long, so I tried to keep it focused. I love PK because it’s a place I feel right for me, I’m talking about the courses and the people, I think that’s why I really felt an improvement after the Shading Drawing Challenge, then I fell in love and I became a lifetime member, now the fun part, here are my votes, in no particular order.

    1) Liz Gera – I love your video Liz! It was the first one I saw and I loved how you made it so funny, I think this is a very original format.
    2) Mautje Haus – I love your love letter, I liked the rhythm of your video and your voice is very lovely.
    3) Leena Cruz – Because I REALLY, REALLY want to win the free pass to the new course, and since Mitch said we can vote for ourselves I’ll take his word 馃槢

  65. Jazmin Sanchez

    My vote is for Leena Cruz and her lovely work

  66. Joke Raeymaekers

    Video 6 … Love

  67. Hector Mendoza

    I vote for Leena Cruz, I really liked her video.

  68. Myriam

    Hi, i am not sure if you need to be part of the PK’s community to vote, but if not, here are my favourite videos…
    1. Mautje Haus; i liked her heartfelt story of how Pencil Kings was part of her ‘re-drawing’ her life (now there is a thought… If we could only ‘erase’ and ‘redraw’ our lives like we do our drawings on paper…;-)
    I loved it even more how she put this personal story out there in a fun and sweet video. You could use it as online publicity, it is that good and professional! I had never heard of Pencil Kings but am definitely going to have a look into it.

    2. Leena Cruz; i loved how she shares a lot of her artwork in her video. Great to see her progress and to hear how PKs has helped her develop her talent!

    3. Jose A De Leon; although his video, for me, was not as good as some of the others, i loved his message: you are never to old to learn or pursue your dreams…

    Watching these videos has made me curious about Pencil Kings and i am also thinking it is about time i picked up pencil and paper again.. Thanks to you all for sharing your inspirational stories!

    Greetz, Myriam

  69. Daniella

    Mautje Haus i love your letter!

  70. Bahat

    I vote for Mautje Hous..!!! She is the best

  71. Steven Arends

    Here are my favorite:
    1) Mautje Hous
    2) Leena Cruz
    3) Timothy Meadows

    All the other videos were great too ?

  72. Tarila

    Mautje Haus… beautiful post! you’re number one!

  73. Margaritha

    1. Mautje hous
    2.Lily ann
    3 Jose A. De Leon

  74. Didi

    1) Mautje
    2) Liz
    3) Amanda

  75. mm

    Mitch at PencilKings

    Thank you so much to everyone that entered!! We’re closing down the comments now and will be announcing the winner later today – awesome job that everyone that entered!

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